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TSH Swings post lobectomy

I had a partial lobectomy and parathyroidectomy last July. Since then my TSH levels have been all over the place while T3 and T4 have all been in normal ranges.

Immediately after surgery in July-August 2015, I went hyperthyroid (TSH 0.014) due to suspected palpitation of the gland releasing too much hormone. This felt awful. Tachycardia and SVTs, panic attacks, hypertension. I wanted to die!

From August-September 2015 I gradually normalized. TSH climbed to 1.6 and then 2.6. T3/T4 still normal.

More bloodwork done in November-December and my TSH climbed to 4.5 clearly trending hypo. Doctors considered starting synthroid but held off due to continuing sporadic issues with tachycardia and arrthymias.

Just had bloodwork done last week in January 2016. Fully suspected more hypo TSH levels, but instead was back down to 2.8. High end of normal. T3 and T4 normal in midrange.

What is going on? Why the fluctuations? Is this typical post-lobectomy? I feel like I am on a roller coaster from hypo to hyper. Some of the arrthymia is resolving and the tachycardia as well.

Guess I don't need to start the synthroid after all.

Just very confusing. Is this normal?
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