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What do these symptoms sound like to you? Pregnancy? Cyst? Infection?

Hello! I am having some weird symptoms. I am a mother of a 16 mos old beautiful girl! Since she has been born I have tried a few different birth controls but they all didn't seem to mesh with my hormones so I ended my last trial a couple months back. Last month I had similar symptoms I have this month severe bloating being the main thing which I normally get bloated before a period but not like this. Last month I was a week late and this month I am again- currently still waiting for AF. I have had lower back pain for a little while now but the past week I've almost had spasm of horrible back pain. I developed pain in my right hip and pelvic bone. I have been very fatigue, getting the chills, suffering from constipation and gas. The past three days I've had horrible frequent urination.  I'm wondering if I have developed some ovarian cysts or maybe a bladder infection. I've considered a pid bc I had a c-section and I heard hat could be a possible trigger. I would love to think it is baby number two but my fiancé and I only had sex once this month and it was with a condom though after he ejaculated we continued the deed for a few minutes. However I believe it would of been during my ovulation time if my periods were normal. I am in my younger 20s but I am frightened of ovarian cancer due to loosing my mother to breast cancer(spread to ovarian) and also loosing my grandmother to ovarian cancer before I was even born. Both passed at a young age due to female cancer. Please help me shed light to my situation. I have a scheduled apt with my obs nurse partitioner but I'm too anxious and I want to be sure to think of every possibility to mention. Thank you so much for your time and help!
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