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Does anyone know anything about the drug Zubsolv. My friend was put on Zubsolv which apparently is similar to Suboxone. Any information w...
Entered an outpatient program to get help for a heroin addiction.taking 100mg. daily and would like to taper way down,or maybe taper down...
Hi can anyone pls help I have been taking cocaine for over 20 years, I stopped last year as I had a really bad panic attack , then lastwe...
I was on vicodin for a year, taking two 5/325 a day. Never more. On tuesday i took half of a 500 and havent taken once since. I needed to...
Hello all! I am a thirty year old female that has been on methadone successfully for over a year and a half. Due to a car accident and tr...
I have been taking Methadone for a long time. Over the last few years, there has been a total of 4 times now that I have come up NEGATIVE...
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