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Hi. I have had high blood pressure for years. Like really high -- 190+over 90 very often. So I'm working on taking medication but I have ...
Hey y'all! Mandy here. I am now having to look after both of my parents as they've entered a new phase of their lives. Both have a lot o...
Background info; 24yr old male, no known medical issues, no substance abuse, non smoker. Couple of months ago I’ve developed these sym...
Hello, I had a checkup today with a new doctor - I've not had a general checkup in about a decade. I'm 37 male, 6'2, 74kg. Non-smok...
Hello, I think or I am sure that I have white coat syndrom. At the doctor I have been monitored for half an hour and based on that I g...
Hello everyone, been hearing a lot about k2d3 supplements lately and wondered if anyone has any experience with this in regards to blood ...
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