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I've been on sub for 4 years. I take 8-12 mg a day. I was on subutex for 2 years begining in 2004. ow can I do a rapid detox from this med?
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slow and steady wins the race. do you get them from a doctor?
(8-12 mgs a day)
you need to start a taper plan and stick with it. slowly decease the mgs you take each day, wait about a week and drop again.
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although i didnt detox from suboxone ( heroin was my DOC ) i went to an ultra rapid detox in southern california. After kicking at home multiple times and going through hell, when i was finally desperate enough i went to waismann. It was quick and painless in an ICU, and then afterwards they sent me to domus, a really nice house in anahiem where they follow you up with therapy, anger management, and counseling.  I remember a girl who went through the treatment around the same time i was, was coming off 24-32 mgs of suboxone, which i thought was interesting because i didnt think you could do a rapid detox off it because of its long halflife, but she seemed fine after the procedure. I would recommend giving them a call if youre serious about cleaning up, they saved me.
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I work at an impatient detox as a nurse and I would only recommend doing it with the help of your doctor as an outpatient or with the help of a professional...or try inpatient. We detox people off suboxone often. Depending on how the patient handles the detox it can be anywhere from 5-10 days. But seek help from a licensed professional.
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Hey & Welcome, Congrats on your decision to get clean! Glad you posted. I absolutely agree with atthebeach - slow taper is in order here. A rapid taper is  rough, rough, rough. I know, I've done it! Also, although 'rapid detox', as mista mista mentioned, can work well for heroin and pills - it can be a different story w/ Methadone and Suboxone because they store in your bones and tissues and it takes months to get them out and your receptors sites need to mend. That's why a slow taper is probably your safest bet.This site is a powerful asset and has helped so many. Stay with us! We're here. (also wanted to tell you I like your pic - great LP!)
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