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30-40 Norco a day--please help

My husband has been taking Norco for the last 6-7 years---started with a shoulder surgery...and then, he just continued getting them because he liked the way that they made him feel.   Now, years later he has progressed to 30-40/day!  I am not sure what to do.  My hear breaks for the man that I used to know....but seems lost now forever to pills. I know that I cannot force him to get help---he must want to do it on his own.... but is there anything I can do to lead him in that direction?  
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All you can do in my opinion is talk to him and say that you're worried about his health, and he seems like a different person. If that is not enough (guilt) for him to change his mind state, then he will need serious help, maybe a family intervention?

30-40 a day is more than I have any experience with...what were they? Do you know the dosage?
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They are Norco 10/325's.  I am not really sure there is even anything stronger that you can get on the market.  I HAVE talked to him....he is not willing to change.  I am so sik--we have 3 very small children.  
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So sorry jsc4444!  He can't change if he doesn't want to unfortunately.  I wish there was something else I could tell you.  I have a problem myself I'm trying to control, taper down and eventually quit so I'm not one to be giving tons of advise.  Yet my husband had the same problem (before we met) and it also started with a shoulder surgery so I understand.  Then a back surgery then another shourlder surger and so on.  I bet it's so hard for you to watch and feel helpless.  My thoughts and prayers are with you both.  This isn't easy for him either but then again if you have three small children, you might want to think about telling other family and friends so maybe an intervention of some kind can be organized.  Or are you too afraid to do that?  Chances are, he needs to know how serious you are about him changing before he does anything about it.  Yet then again, he needs to WANT the change for himself so that may or may not be enough.  Hopefully so because I doubt he wants to lose his family.  Do you have health insurance because there are a lot of addictionologists and treatment programs out there that can help.  You should think about reaching out.  Rather to a professional, family/friends, etc.  Can you see a big difference in the way he acts?  Is it affecting your marriage or his job?  What about intimacy (I only ask because as an addict, I know that narcotics kill your sex drive).  I wish I could say or do more to help you.  I know you must be scared.  For my husband, it took him almost losing his dental practice then doing in-patient treatment for 3 months before he finally quit.  It's a serious and scary addiction.  Don't face this alone.  Is he honest with you on how much he's taking?  I'm not sure if he's getting the prescribed or buying them illegally but it's dangerous.  Please keep posting on this board and reaching out to people.  Just knowing you're not alone in this can be very comforting....
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