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"My addict" is my husband. He has been clean from opiates for 8 months after using consistently for almost 6 years on and off for 15. When we met, he was not addicted, but due to back issues, and working a shift job with an inconsistent sleep schedule for 15 years, he became an addict. We have a pre-teen son, too. He tried rehab several times over the last 5 years and so far has been successful this third try; however, even though he is sober, he is not back to "normal". Guilt, embarrassment, and depression have taken the place of fun-loving and happy. Is there anyone out there who is in a similar situation? If so, what tools do you use to live with an addict? I know he will always be an addict using or not, but does the mental game get better? How long before you saw signs of the real man? Will I always walk on egg shells? I don't need the fairy tale. I just would like simple and happy, a husband and father.
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I have lived with an alcoholic for 9 years when he was really bad I asked myself the same questions but since he has stopped drinking and sought help things have been wonderful things can get better but it takes a lot of work and sacrifice and above all patients but every case is different so just tread carefully and protect yourself emotionally make sure u don't hurt yourself waiting for him to switch over just my opinion
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Has it been like this the whole 8 months or dd he do a little better in the first few months?
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