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My dad is a major alcoholic and he knows it. Sometimes he will say he needs help and other times he says he doesn't. He'll go to AA, but he only goes for a few sessions and then thinks he no longer needs to go. He's gone to rehab a few times, but always signs himself out after like 2 days. Is there anyway to take him to rehab and make it so that he has to stay and can't sign himself out?
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I have been to numerous rehab facilities.  Most times it was to please other people.  During these times I just went thru the motions all the while fantasizing about my next drink/Buzz.  When my thirty days was up, I was back at it again!  I am now in recovery ( 6 years off drugs, A little over 4 from alcohol) and it was my free will that made this happen.  I had been married to a man that constantly was having me involuntarily having me committed-funny thing is he needed rehab as much as I did.  DURING THOSE COMMITMENTS I FOCUSED MORE ON HIM THAN ME.

Every ADDICT needs to hit their bottom and want to be better, sober and free from the ball and chain of addiction.  But you should stay connected to the process.  Tell him how much he is loved.  Reminisce about all the wonder full times the two of you have had AND then lovingly tell him how his addiction/drinking has affected your life and the relationship you once shared.  Don't ever give up on him because if he is ever going to change, he needs you and needs to know you will not abandon him.  Stay connected to the process.  Miracles do happen and you as well as any other family members-loving and supporting him now may be just the right dose of courage he needs for HIM TO CHOOSE RECOVERY.  Love conquers all.

Best of luck-I will pray for you.  Also, my father was an alcoholic who is now sober as well.
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There is it not ez but if the whole family signs a afadavide that his is endangering him self and other the judge can make him stay good luck with this your going to have to jump threw some hoops but it will be  worth it...........................................Gnarly..............................................
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