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Lacking energy

I'm just 37. Iv taken amphetamine recreational since I was 18. The past 6 years I have had binges on it over the weekends. Since the beginning of last year I have been taking small amounts each day for motivation of which I lack & I have suffered from depression. I feel without taking it I have no energy or motivation to do anything. However I have been getting frequent headaches & want to stop taking it. I eat every day & I sleep every night about 11pm. If u can't sleep I take pain killers to get me off! The problem is coming off it I have no energy and wanted to know if I could take anything to help with this? Like vitamins?
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i smoked speed for 8yrs...when i quit i slept for almost two weeks straight...i was completely spent. i got on wellbutrin and take vit d calcium and biotin for my skin. it does help with my mood and energy. you just have to expect to be fatigue because your body has been going going going for a long time...rest is the best cure.

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