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has anyone felt that suboxone is not helping with heroin withdrawl??

hi I'm vanessa, 32. been shooting heroin for the last year and a half. I'm trying to get clean, and I went to doctor and am back on suboxone... anyways, I been on suboxone before years ago when I was coming off roxys, and I feel like the suboxone so much better when I was coming off pills instead of heroin/fentanyl. I waited over 24 hours from my last shot, and then took 4mg of suboxone, still felt like **** a few hours later, then took 4 more mg of sub, still feel so awful. I'm so scared that ill never be able to get off the heroin.my husband died in sept, and the only clean time I ever had (5yrs) was when he was alive n now hes gone I'm scared I wont be able to stop using the heroin. has anyone else felt that the subocoxonr isn't helping with heroin withdrawl?
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Hi, welcome. Sounds like you do what a lot of us did: keep replacing one opiate for the other in an attempt to get clean. It's not working. The question is, how bad do you want to be clean? Are you beyond sick and tired of this life? Are you willing to do whatever it takes?

Is rehab an option? Are you willing to walk into a meeting and get help? I can't suggest that enough. We can't do this alone. We just can't. Not sure when you started the subs, but now you have another opiate to detox from. Get tapered off it and get off this crazy making rollercoaster.

Someone is always here. So keep reading other posts and stay tuned.
I'm currently in an outpatient program that provides me with the suboxone, therapy and groups, but I just cant seem to get off the drugs.. I was on suboxone from 2011-2016 then I relapsed, and been shooting heroin ever since.. now its been 3 weeks since I started the outpatient program with the suboxone, but ive only taken the suboxone a few times because I cant seem to stop doing heroin.. I went over 24 hours without taking anything, and that's when I started the suboxone but the withdrawl was soo bad still, I called my guy and ended up getting 2 bags and it made me feel better. I'm just so ****** up in the head right now from loosing my husband that I don't know what to do anymore. I miss him more than anything.
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Have you thought about doing "inpatient"? Sounds like you could use a little extra help and support.  I went to a 13 month non medical rehab - really think something like this would help you...js... Sometimes we can't do it on our own. The subs aren't going to take your emotional pain away - heroin probably does for a moment and that's why you're going back.  You need support, and a safe place to heal imo.
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