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Has anyone experienced hip and groin burning sensation?

Hello everybody I've been dealing with this for months. My hip and groin skin have a burning sensation for 6 months. It's not very painful, but my anxiety makes me worry something bad is going on. It's only the right hip and groin and I have a permantly enlarged lymp node in my right groin about 1.5cm that's been checked out and doc says it's fine. I just was an answer to what could cause this. I've had a colonoscopy, ct scan, X-ray, blood, and urine test. Everything has came back fine. I don't know where to go from here my family thinks it's all in my head. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you have a great day!
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I can certainly understand your desire to have a definitive diagnosis about this problem. Knowing and/or believing something is physically wrong with us and not getting any answers can create a lot of anxiety.

We are NOT doctors and cannot offer you any advice about what may be causing the hip and groin skin problem. I would strongly suggest you obtain a second opinion.
A dermatologist could probably diagnose the skin problem and an orthopedic doctor would be the one to evaluate your hip problem. Please give some thought to seeing these specialists for your answer.

I hope you will let us know what they find out.
Wishing you the best
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