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Has anyone experienced/treated sudden ringing in one ear followed by anxiety attack?

I've been under a lot of stress from work and personal life. I'm only 23 and I've been experiencing panic attacks, very few and far between, for many years. The attacks are classic panic attacks, usually lasting no more than about 20 minutes and reaching it's peak in less than a minute. Up until last night, I've never experienced short, fleeting waves of intense panic accompanied by palpitations and tingliness all over my body. What's more, these episodes were preceded by a loud ringing and simultaneous sudden deafening in only one ear, usually the left. Last night while lying in bed, I experienced this for the first time. However, this is not my first time experiencing the ringing and sudden deafening. Before when that happened it wasn't followed by the waves panic. In the past 18 hours I've experienced these peculiar episodes twice, with the ringing and sudden deafening occurring 3 times (twice just before the panic set in, once during a panic attack). This is the first time I've experienced the ringing more than once in a period shorter than 2 weeks. And these irregular waves of panic and palpitations are new as well.

For the last 2 weeks at least, I've been consuming a lot more caffeine than I normally would on a daily basis, from around 40-70mg each morning to around 120mg or more. I'm also a regular user of medical marijuana. I don't consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes. I am mindful of what I consume and well informed too.  I don't workout like I used to because of work impacting my perceived amount of time during the day and my back. I am extremely stressed out from work. Being the person that I am and knowing what I know makes for a very difficult reality to handle. Add 45-55 hours at work per week and you've created a very disgruntled citizen. My occupation as an appliance installer is often physically demanding and leaves me sore and fatigued everyday (I used to spend 6-10 hours at the gym each week and felt great).

I hope to find people who have gone through this and perhaps no longer suffer from this affliction. I'm somewhat of a pessimist, paranoid and have an irrational fear that something may be or probably is fatally wrong with me. Even the slightest stomach pain or chest discomfort makes me nervous (which might explain the panic disorder but it doesn't explain the change in regularity and sensation accompanied by ringing and sudden deafness in one ear).
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