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need a good reciepe for weaning off benzo's HELLLLLLLLLLLP

been doing valium 5mg and zanax 05mg for about 2.5 years need help getting off.....totally stopped zanax and am doing 5 mg every eight hours...and also weaning of hydrocodoine.....been given lexapro and lyrica and just reading bad stuff about both ...my blood pressure now is borderline...I am sure as this detox progress's I will need a bp patch..
today I am only doing half a 7.5 hydro so about 3.4 hydro every six and will start on half a 5 mg valium every six however very worried about bp   I have tried the lyrica and it is like OMG I am so lost......HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
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Reading the bad stuff is something I try to avoid for fear of acting it out. I've often thought that if food was labeled in the same way as meds then Jenny Craig and Weight-Watchers would go out of business. I'm sure that double blind trials over 1000's of people would show that Hershey bars kill a small percentage of those who ingest them, and warn of side effects for mothers who drink Coca-Cola. After 7 in the morning. While nursing.

Looking at your post in utter seriousness, though, may I ask you this:

What does your doctor say when you ask him/her what you asked us? Not just for your benefit -but for everyone else whose running the same gauntlet you are. I hope to see your reply soon.
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