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Chronic Widespread Neuralgia

My story is consistent with many GHSV1 chronic pain sufferers. As a note..read Apachedrivers' correspondence with Grace etc. and you have my story. I have spoke with Terri and received WB to confirm but I need guidance on pain control. These symptoms are on par with MS and are very worrisome. 4 yrs now and counting with what i can only describe as relapsing and remitting in very short cycles with remission very brief if existent. Strange singular spots/bumps/maybe very small singular lesions body wide and very random. I've given up on any other possibility there is no other explanation, I know my body and a nervous system infection is intuitive after all it is the central comm of our bodies and this internal struggle is without question an infection that will not rest! What to do next..antivirals have little if any impact! please help!
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If we have spoken on the phone and your HSV 1 infection has been confirmed by western blot, I'm not sure what more I can say.  You've clearly decided that HSV 1 is the cause of your widespread unremitting pain.  If 56% of the US population has HSV 1, which they do, don't you think this would be a far more common condition, one recognized by scientists and doctors everywhere as being related to HSV 1?  But it isn't because this isn't how this virus behaves.  I'm not saying that cannot be exceptions and clearly you see yourself as being one of the exception (yes, apachedriver might be another).  My point is, you've settled on this, antivirals don't help (because it probably isn't due to herpes), I'm not sure there is any more that I can say to make a difference here.  Have you had these singular bumps all over swab tested by PCR to determine if they are herpes?  That is something that you could do to help sort this out, you know.  Other than that, I'm sorry, but I have no ideas about where to next except a neurologist, which I'm guessing you might have already tried?

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