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newly first time pregnant. im scared and lost...

Im going through my first pregnancy. very unexpected. I had left my boyfriend 3 weeks ago. he came home drunk and aggressive. he hit me. i left the state the next morning. he promises to stop drinking. i come back into the state just not near him. i find out im pregnant. and he ends up drinking again. being very rude and hurtful. Being verbally abusive. I just dont know if i should try and be with him for the sake of my child... i dont want him/her to be with out a father.. what do i do??
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Please, please do not stay in a relationship for the sake of anyone, including your baby. You don't deserve to be abused. He's abusive now and unless he gets help he will probably be abusive in the future, be it verbal or physical.  You don't want your child to see you in an abusive relationship. Many years ago, I was in your situation. I tried to stay with my son's father for as long as I could, till I reached my breaking point.  I walked away and never looked back, it was hard but, it was harder being abused.  I always talked myself into going back but one day, enough was enough and that was it.  Be strong, respect yourself and your baby and don't get involved in relationship with abusive men. There are a lot of good men out there and it's up to you to pick the right one. You deserve better, do not EVER be talked into anything less.

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No if he hurts and hit you ge will do that to your child for the sake of the baby stay away
From him you and your baby deserve better
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