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i had a sex with a csw with a condom. first she gave me a oral and then vaginal sex but i was not fully erect so again she gave some hand...
There is what appears to be a fledgling magpie in my garden- has now been there for about 18 hours. It got there after managing to jump a...
I have a pair of lovebirds, that have raised young, a couple of times. I kept one of the babies, as the parents tried to kill her, and I...
My 2.5 month old budgie went from super happy and snuggly and running around happy and chirpy to dead in 6 hours...he was running around ...
Okay so my grandparents had some trees cut down that where near power lines and without knowing their was a nest in one of the trees. The...
my love bird layed 8 eggs but it is not sitting on it. please tell me what to do for it and tell me the period for a egg to fertile
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