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Hi we have a 3 month old citrus bearded dragon and while my partner was feeding him our two year old cat jumped in the vivarium and and s...
My Bearded dragon was unofficially diagnosed with metabolic bone disease and severe malnutrition. That was 7 months ago. he was doing gre...
I believe it's something to do with the weather, but it might be because I switched her from oats to corn flakes. What do you think?
Hi, my chinchilla, Screetch, had an emergency amputation of his right hind leg approximately one week ago. He remained in vet care until ...
Hello, me and my Girlfriend have three ferrets, and we have always struggled finding them a brand of food that will give them a decent we...
I have a rescued raccoon, I found him lost from Mom when he was 10oz estimated 4 weeks old. Well now he's coming up on 6 months old and 1...
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