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Our family has had all sorts of animals. We taught the children how to care for them and to be kind to then. As a result all of our pets ...
I'm new to MedHelp and am wondering if any other members have Sugar Gliders? I have a family of 8. The parents are almost 5 years old - F...
I have had a savannah monitor for about 3 months. I have started to notice that when he walks his legs shake and when he thrashes with hi...
And I can't afford to take him to the vet. How can I put him to sleep humanely with medicine? I have Blood Pressure Meds and Pain meds....
Can anyone tell me what i can do to stop my ferret smelling so bad? He is almost four months old, decanted and neutered. He is fed on m...
Does anyone know of a vet that will spay a female bunny for an affodable rate in the DFW Metroplex? I have pnly found one clinic that wi...
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