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I've got two staples stuck in my hand after a self hand injury and my thumb is tingling why is this
I am asking for my sister-in-law who had back surgery (single level fusion) 4 months ago and whose surgical site has not healed. I have h...
About 6 weeks ago I sustained a bad and bloody cut on the side of my left knee. The sutures were removed a few days too early and the wou...
I want to become a PTA to help pay for my own tuition, and as well get experience before trying to become a orthopedic surgeon.
Basically you have to be a complete fool to pay someone to choose you a doctor, but well, I am ashamed to say I was this fool. I got bbl,...
I took Suboxone Saturday morning I have surgery Monday evening I want to know if it'll be safe to have my surgery then I'm not prescribe...
I had arthroscopic surgery on my wrist 2 months ago. 3 anchors installed. I still have shooting, burning sensation. Now, I also have pins...
Male, 22.: I'm about to have a rinoplasthy for the 3rd time, this time a new doctor, the previous doctor f*'ed up my nose pretty bad, wic...
I had a sentinel lymph node biopsy and a lymph node dissection. Five months later the surgical clips are being pushed out of my surgery ...
Hi , if a straight man got anally raped while been blackout drunk will he know after waking up next morning , I didn't feel any thing wr...
So I broke my upper second molar in half 4 years ago. No pain no issues. Last year I got my lower jaw broken and requests surgery to repa...
I'm on day 8 post op from.a rather large cyst removal see attached picture (its highlightd black) I'm having minimal pain level 4-6 in t...
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