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This patient forum is for discussions relating geriatrics, senior health, assisted living, and the care of the elderly.
After sitting for over 15 minutes, when I get up, It takes great arm muscle effort. I am as a crippled person, People near by will help m...
My 93 year old father has been diagnosed with sepsis after two visits ti the hospital with two stays in the ICU. He has other health iss...
Hello: M<y mother is 82 and had a cataratas operation in both eyes. Everything was right until she start seeing triple. She has been exa...
The USPSTF is a group of 16 primary care specialists (GPs, pediatricians, internal medicine and ob-gyn) in a government sponsored committ...
Is it good to take celecoxib 100mg after doing a whole day workout?
12 Days ago, I walked into my parents house to make them lunch and my dad was laying unresponsive and not breathing with a body temp of 9...
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