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Hi, I am in south korea. My mom is currently in a nursing home.she has osteoporosis and some prblem in digestion. She always feel tired. ...
Can any one help me to find best heathcare agencies. Iā€™m looking for my grandmother, she is living in an old age home in her own little h...
I'm suffering with anxiety and sleeplessness half of every week and sleeping all day every day with depression the rest of the week. I...
Our 80yr old grandmother is dealing with difficult family members and friends taking advantage of her.... She has allowed people to steal...
Hello,I am 54 yrs old and I am having to deal with and need help with how to take care of my elderly parents. My mom has Diabetes and she...
Hi everyone, In this post i need your help to find the best senior home care service for my elders. Please help me on this matter and gi...
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