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what is going on with my mother's health? her symptoms include swelling in both legs+ankles,swollen stomach at times, headaches, fatigue...
I am doing research on the causes of bed sores, possible solutions for prevention and why they do/ do not work. If you have ever deal...
doxycycline monohydrate. i am 75, this was given for a dog bite, due to being allergic to penicllin, sulfa and keflex. it was prescrib...
recently had CT to check cause of headache. Clear for that, but showed chronic ischemic small vessel disease and beginnings of arterial b...
I am looking for anyone who cut themselves or were injured at work and became septic. What has your experience with work comp been like?
my 87 year old mom had dementia and was given haldol for 75 days straight was having a heart attack and couldn't tell anyone because she ...
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