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I was recently discharged from hospital Feb 2016 after sepsis treatment as a result of UTI and kidney stone. Prior to this I was working...
For years when I forward frm a siting positition ie in bath to reach taps my bottom ribs on the left cross over-this is a bit painful and...
Why does the skin on my fingers die and peel immediately it comes into contact with food? Makes preparing and eating meals difficult - c...
I am a 71 year old white male. I have had a stress test and a pulmonary function test and they showed no heart or lung function problems....
I found this as I was searching on another topic. I thought it may be of interest to we seniors. Personally I think it may be a good idea...
I am a survivor of sepsis. I was having a splenectomy and my surgeon had cut into my pancreas. I developed sepsis as a result but it wa...
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