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My 78 year old mother had sepsis over a year ago and is still bedridden. We have seen many doctors including an ID doctor. Everyone of th...
I had sex recently after non for 5 years, now I have a pink discharge from my virgina, do I need to see a doctor about this problem.
My mother, who is eighty-one years old, is planning nn having hip joint replacement surgery, but she has a pacemaker to keep her blood pr...
Accidently had pneumonia vaccine two years in a row. Will this cause any problems? Arm is really sore and has a red rash, but that's all
I had chicken pox. I have a minor itch across my shoulders and back. That want to be scratched. Not enough to be a problem, but why? ...
My grandpa has these really strange episodes where he loses control of his body. Initially, it was these strange movements he would repea...
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