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The only blood sugar available for body functions is that processed by my digestive system. so if I don't eat every 3 hours (night to...
My mom has been gradually declining and avoiding social contact, even with family. She is 75 years old and in good physical health. Her m...
Hi. We are visiting my partner's Mum and last night noticed what seemed to be a a very blue bruise on her wrist. It was about 3 by 2 inch...
I had severe sepsis and septic shock after a surgery for colon cancer. My intestines leaked due to misfired staples and it took a few da...
Ever since I had a flu jab in December, my left arm has been so painful from the elbow up with slight nervy feeling on the top of my fing...
I just wanted to introduce myself to newer members and send greetings to our long term members. I have been the Community Leader for this...
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