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I have a horse that will not gain weight. I am a little nervous with the way she looks. You can see her spine and ribes real well as well...
My 8 year old Haflinger gelding presented with a swollen sheath 7 days ago (Tues 06/22). Our local vet made a farm call, no inflammation ...
I have a 12 year old TB mare that has given birth on May 11th. She was extremely large and her baby was smaller than we thought but is v...
On June 8th I bought two horses for my daughters. A little about the 2 horses I bought, neither one has ever been handled. 1)The...
I've been riding for around five years and i'm 12. I jump about 3 feet and LOVE IT. I ride a pony and lets just say she likes to go fast,...
my horse is loosing weight really fast to the point that you can see her ribs.she has a foal which is ready to leave her.the dentist says...
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