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WELCOME TO THE HOSPICE COMMUNITY: This Patient-To-Patient Community is for discussions relating to Hospice Care. The goal of hospice care is to provide comfort, relieve physical, emotional and spiritual suffering, and to promote the dignity of terminally ill persons. Topics discussed in this community are: Bereavement Care, Coordination of Care, End of Life Care, Family Support, Home Care, Inpatient Care, Insurance Issues, Pain Control, Respite Care, Spiritual Care, Symptom Control, When to Call Hospice.
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I am reading more and more stories of patients survivors accusing Hospice of giving overdoses of morphine to patients in order to speed u...
I just Want to know details about hospice and palliative care.
Hi everyone :) to be honest I'm not a patient. I'm young doctor taking my first steps into palliative care. One of my patients whom I wou...
My mom stopped eating and drinking. Slept a lot and complained about pain in her back. She has had frequent UTI's but the tests were comi...
Just a statement, no question. My sister was signed up with hospice in the middle of April 2009 and she passed away May 13, 2009 from St...
My daughters fiancee;s brother had muscular dystrophy... after a bad experience which caused him to becoe possibly brain dead, it was dec...
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