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I am almost certain after about 8 months (although, the more i learn about the symptoms, i realize many symptoms ive had my whole life) o...
Does anyone else have a negative tryptase test yet have systemic mastocytosis ? Skin biopsy was positive for mastocytosis Upper gi wa...
How do I get my NB on days awake and nights asleep..... please help!!!!
Unexpected loss of weight and over-sensitivity to alcohol were reason to visit a doctor. Blood tests were normal except tryptase level o...
Would prefer a naturopath or integrative medical doctor. Thanks.
I strongly suspect I have a type of Mast Cell Disorder (see under my question for why Im thinking that). Ive had some strange incide...
What is the life expectancy of undiagnosed abdominal liposarcoma
What is the life expectancy of a abdominal liposarcoma
Is it possible for a 7 year old girl to get mosqito bites on the crease (where her upper thigh and leg meet), and then pop up on her libi...
Hi I have systemic masto, and two heart conditions, they won't to put me on betablockers but I heard they are not recommended with masto,...
Hi, I have a rare form of masto since 1995, it was never in the skin, started in bone marrow at age 50, but now I have two deadly heat di...
Hello, I have not yet been diagnosed with Mastocytosis, but I was wondering what type of doctor diagnoses this? I do have autonomic n...
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