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The pyloric ulcer is hurting , making me burp and stomach churn constantly. Had endoscopy. Huge and acute Doc gave me all kinds of Rx ...
My husband has had his pouch for 5 mos and it is doing ok except BM collects at the top inside of the wafer and makes the filter clog up...
I had my operation around 9 months ago and have had around 4 barium enemas to see if I had healed enough for a reversal. It has been arou...
Have tried tape over charcoal filters. Vacuum effect seems severe. Hence, pancaking
I have UTI infections frequently over the years. My doctor says it is from the bacteria from my stoma. Anyone else faced with ongoing ...
I am an attractive middle-aged woman. I have had the ileostomy for a year. I am wondering if it is possible for a woman with an ileostom...
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