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My surgery was 11-18-16 and I prolapse after 4 weeks . I am now prolapse 24-7 anywhere from 4 to 7 inches ! I must stay laying flat on ...
Does anyone know anything about fungus growing on a stoma? What should I do? It is flaky and yellow
My father has had a colostomy for over 40 years and has had surgery changing him to an ileostomy. Over the past 40 years, he has used ba...
My stomach is level with my skin. When I use the two piece wafer and bag, the wafer is too rigid and pulls away from my skin, even with ...
Hi all, One of our major concerns is bag odour and gas/wind. I have tried liquers, branded colostomy products, simethicone and charc...
I am writing to ask if you could publicise our new group on Facebook. We are a group of people who have for many different reasons ended ...
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