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What are the Pros as well of the Cons of owning a wolf hybrid? This is for an article on MedHelp. Thanks
We rescued this dog 3 years ago. For the first couple of months things were fine. But for the last couple of years (I know it’s gone on t...
Just curious as to why my dog will have numerous spells where he is licking what seems to be the air. I don't know exactly when this beh...
every time my femal Shi Tzu goes to bathroom, she eats her poop. I have tried everything. what can I do. my husband is ready to get rid...
We just this dog yesterday and she is in the process of realizing this is her new home. She was neglected at her previous home and not fe...
I woke up this morning to find the bottom eyelids swollen on my Pug. What causes this? I gave him a benadryl in case he is having an a...
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