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This patient support community is for discussions relating to transplants, anti-rejection drugs, financial and insurance issues, long-term issues, organ rejection, pre- and post-surgery, and waiting list issues.
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My granddaughter is totally blind. Both eyes suffered optic nerve damage because of pseudotumor cerebri / IH. Do you think there is a r...
Prograf is a medicine that slows down the bodys immune system. For this reason, it works as an anti-rejection medicine. Prograf helps pat...
Does anyone know how to get on this waiting list?
Type your medical question hereMy husband is a liver transplant recipient from 2003. He has stopped taking his medications. I found out h...
My oldest son is 32 in July 2018. He was transplanted 30 years ago with the wrong blood type( He is a O with an A Liver) He has been off ...
8 months out from transplant 8-24-17... lft's up slightly. Doing ok, just tired a lot . wondering if it[s ok to take milk thistle. I am ...
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