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This patient support community is for discussions relating to transplants, anti-rejection drugs, financial and insurance issues, long-term issues, organ rejection, pre- and post-surgery, and waiting list issues.
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How do I go about donating my uterus?
Hi. My name is Niel in Short. I would like to ask where i can buy in india called TACROLIMUS 1mg is this require prescription if i'll pur...
I just read the Good News. This gives much hope. I had a nearly full hysterectomy after my son came into this world by cesarean section...
Two doctors, two conclusions. My transplant was Dec, 2, 2013. Just after the transplant I was on 10 mg. of Prograf a day for a couple of ...
Hi all, I'm a liver transplanted patient living happy life now. But I want to understand why my liver got affected. Because 'm a tee...
My sister had liver transplant one week ago today. She's hallucinating and delusional 24/7 for 6 days. She's not slept at all post surger...
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