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Hello Everyone,

I am blessed to be typing in this forum, as in March 2012, I almost dropped dead from an Anaphylaxis Shock.

I returned from the Cardiologist today, however something was mentioned in the visit I HAD to research.

You see, I had my upper and lower GI done 3 weeks ago.  I was diagnosed with Barret's Esophogas.

Little did I understand this, until today.  The day I feel changed my life.  I also suffer from anxiety and, while some of you can relate - try living each day, not knowing your going live.  That's what I been experiencing since the initial attack in March.

I should mention, that I'm also also adopted which only added to the underlying anxiety issued to begin with.

So as I sat in office with this doctor (cardiologist) he was looking over my EKG.  My pressure was a consoling 125/80.  Now for the GREAT NEWS..!

As I sat speaking with him, explaining what had happened (severe upper abdominal pain, followed by anaphylaxis, hypotension and full out hives and rashes, he looked at me and said, "oh, I see you have Barret's", I replied "yes, that was detected on my GI results".

He looked at me and said, "well your heart is fine I'm 46), I really don't think this is a cardiac issue.  He was right...!

I did my homework on-line (which for whatever doctors don't encourage the practice of self-teaching, as I'm certain they are worried about self-diagnosis).  Come to find out, in RARE occasions, Battet's can cause a life-threatening anaphylaxis reaction.  Wow...!!!  There was the answer.

The rest was just putting the pieces of the puzzle together.  On BOTH occasions I had an "allergic reaction", here all the while, it was the GERD that internally threw my body into such s shock.  Not some random blood clot, a messed up liver or pancreas.  Not an ulcer, mass or other type of tumor...  

I am writing this story in the hopes that my words might make a difference for those "who have yet to suffer an anaphylaxis shock due to GERD and having, Barret's Esophogas.

I am thankful to be alive today.  I am thankful that the Internet has given average people such as myself, an avenue (forum) to share and tell their stories.

My hope and prayer for everyone is that NO ONE EVER goes through what I went through, ..when I almost died.

I will (starting today), be changing my diet, elevating my bed, exercising more and HEAL the very thing that almost took my life.

Thank you ALL for listening and reading.  I hoped I help make a difference today for someone - as my Cardiologist made for me...

God Bless You All
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I'm so happy that you got a GENIUS for a doctor.  I never heard of Barretts causing that.  I'm just glad you have an answer. So many of us take  years to diagnose correctly!
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