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To all HQ Bird Cage’s owners – Toxicology Report

Recently I bought a bird cage for my finches that I ordered from www.hqbirdcages.com. I can say that cage is really great and my finches feel excellent inside. But that is not what I keep in mind. Before I bought the cage I have read in some forums that it is very important the paint that is used to contain either only ultra-safe levels of toxic elements or none. Regarding to that I sent an email to HQBirdCages after the purchase of the cage where I asked them if there is any guarantee which proves the cage doesn’t contain toxic elements. Their answer was that the paint which HQ Bird Cages work with has been chemically tested and showed me this toxicology report: http://hqbirdcages.com/cage_toxicology_report.html.
I am not so competent but as much as I can understand everything seems to be okay and I am not supposed to have any worries. But I would be very grateful to anyone who is more competent in that field to help me in spelling out this report and to confirm that everything is in the normal limits. I am sure this information will be very useful for all HQ Bird Cage’s owners.

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The important question is who did the testing and wrote the toxicology report? If it was done at their company, in-house so to speak, I'd like to see a different report from someone else. There must be places you could contact to get more information - some environmental quality or poison control group. They might at least point you in the right direction. Even a consumers group. We've all seen the news about toys and lead content. Being told by the company that everything is fine isn't always a guarantee. Do check around just for peace of mind.
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I have s few HQ cages, and i am really pleased with them...i am thinking that i read somewhere that the paint toxicity is not a problem unless it is chipping, flaking or rusting off somehow...dont quote me on this as i have had the cage for quite a while now and i will try to find where i read that...
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