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getting rid of crows

We have crows that are attacking our home.  Our windows are slightly tinted (have been for over 20 years).  The crows attack the windows to the point that there is blood all over them.  My screens are destroyed.  I have replaced them 6 or 7 times in the past 2 years.  We have tried scare crows, crow decoys, covering the windows with sheets, aluminum pie pans, everything  Now I am afraid they will crack my windows.  They have already chipped the glass.  I have called Fish & Game, exterminators, etc.  Any one have any new suggestions?
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You've tried the deterrents before. Did they help last year? Have you tried them again this year?

Each year the birds get very territorial when breeding season arrives. So it's the same old story: they see their reflection (especially on those darker tinted windows) and they want to do battle with that other "crow." It happens with Robins, Jays, etc. We got a call at work today about a little wren getting cranky and smacking into the window. The best way to stop it is to get rid of any reflection. It doesn't help to put anything on the inside of the window since the outer reflection is still there. Crows are corvids and extremely intelligent so I'd say you're going to have to do something drastic like soaping the outside of the windows (can wash it of when they finally settle with a mate) or cover the problem areas with newspaper.

Fish and Game will give a permit to destroy crows only if they're causing significant property damage - usually in the case of crops. Not sure they'll allow it for damaged window screens.  By law (Migratory Bird Species Act) most birds, including crows, are protected and cannot be harmed or injured by anyone. It's a federal offense. So a pest control company would not be allowed to kill them off like mice or rats.

Trust me - this is a temporary problem, very seasonal. But it will be an annual problem. Perhaps you could find some attractive outdoor shades that you could drop down over the windows during the majority of the day and raise them again in the evening. A lot depends on the angle of the sun and how sharp the reflection. It's a case by case basis.
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Correction: It's the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. You'd think after 19+ years I'd keep that one straight. :-p
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I live in Australia and last year my life and mental health were almost destroyed by crows thanks to an elderly alcoholic selfish neighbour with nothing better to do but feed crows. He created an infestation of such magnitude that living in my home of 19 years became torture. I tried the Crow-Be-Gone CD but the problem had become way too great - a core group of 6 - 8 crows screaming in my yard and immediate neighbourhood from 4 am until 8 pm in the summer months; slightly fewer hours in the winter, and 20 - 30 crows in a park 200 metres from my home. The only moments of peace (other than being away from the neighbourhood) was vacuuming or using the hair dryer!) I tried everything - contacting the authorities, reasoning with my neighbour, hanging shiny objects - eveything except break the law, buy a gun and kill them. Amazingly they are protected in Australia and yet essentially they are urban scavengers that hang around shopping centres. schools and building sites, and they add no value to the natural environment - they are ugly, and squawk endlessly and without purpose. They sound neither joyful nor do they create joy in the listener as other birds do. We had no choice but to sell our house and move as my level of personal distress was so great, I was crying a lot and at times running frantically around the neighbourhood banging loud objects trying to deter them - looking back I know I looked like a mad woman. One night in a new house and I was like a new woman - just to be able to sleep peacefully and wake up when my body was ready. I am suffering a bit of post-traumatic stress as a consequence; I can't stand the sound or sight of crows; I startle upon hearing one; if I am conversing with someone I lose my train of thought if I hear a crow. I fear them moving in to the area we will be moving to when our house is built, and this fear is a feeling of dread and almost panic. I am so sorry for anyone experiencing this problem as I know what it did to me, and I don't think I will every completely recover from what was 12 months of hell whilst we tried to get rid of the problem and then dealt with the issue of buying land, selling, moving etc.
Thank you for bearing with my story - I still have a need to debrief, and probably this has come up now because there was a crow in my current neighbourhood early this morning.
I also live in the land down under.  Crows have made our live a nightmare. We have two cats, a burmese and a birman who have lived harmoniously for over four years. We had a week or so of crows banging on the windows and hanging off the screens and shaking them loudly. Our cats, who are always indoors, would sit and watch from a distance. We had a couple of days away with a friend coming up to feed our pets. When we arrived back home, our loving pets were literally trying to kill each other. We contacted our vet who quickly came to our home to see our pets in their own environment. While he was there, a crow attacked our window.  He then explained to us that the birds were the reason our cats had turned on each other. The crows had frightened them and with us not around to calm and reassure them they turned their anxiety and fear onto each other but not in a good way. Our pets are now on medication, and I'm beginning to feel I may need pills to calm me down also. Please, if anyone knows how to keep these birds away from our home so that our little family home can return to the loving harmonious place it was before they began terror rising us please advise what we should do. I would also like to thank you all for allowing me to vent my frustration regarding this situation.
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I am so sorry you had such a terrible time. The real problem wasn't the crows, it was that foolish neighbor. Crows aren't usually a big nuisance except for a few weeks during the fall when the family groups can be a bit rowdy with the new young birds and parents.

In your case an uninformed neighbor caused an unnatural problem. By feeding them, he caused overcrowding of crows and lots of squabbles as they fought over the food. And I bet he wasn't feeding them good food either so there were nutritional issues.

Some folks do that with ducks at the local ponds. They love to see the ducks come to them for bread. That causes overcrowding, drake rape where males attack the females competing for breeding rights, fouling the water and although bread may fill a duck, they can literally starve to death.

The list goes on. I hope you can enjoy your new place. And remember, in a normal setting, crows are pretty quiet. Just an occasional "caw, caw" to announce they're around or a few will cause a momentary racket if threatening by a nearby hawk. Otherwise they go quietly about their business.
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I need help i have tried everything to pulling down blinds, taping windows, putting net on the outside windows to plastic bags. This happens every morning at 5 am they have perfect timing, they bang each window downstairs i have seen blood on the window selves, can you suggest anything else as i am at the end of my teither please help
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Are you talking about crows attacking the windows or other birds? Robins and Flickers are notorious for doing this during breeding season. In any case, pulling down the blinds on the inside won't help. They still see their reflection and think it's another bird on their territory. They want it to go away. If they're smacking the window so hard that they're bleeding, then they may be seeing the reflection of the sky and think they can fly there.

The netting on the outside should be enough to break up the reflection. If it's not working, you may have to take more drastic measures like covering the outside of that window with paper. Tissue paper would be fine. It would block your view but still let in some light. Some people rub soap on the outside of the window to smear it up a bit. I'm not sure how hard it is to rinse off once the birds settle down with their families.

This window attack nonsense should settle down soon. It depends on the species and their particular breeding time. Robins are usually first. Then the woodpecker types kick in. By July everyone is too busy raising babies to worry about windows. Hope this helps.
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I'm amazed to find that there are others too facing the same problem. I came to this site to find a solution to this problem. I hate these because they begin kraa kraa. Oh i cant image when it starts in the early 5. I stay in kerala..hope i can scare them anyhow. I lose my mood and get mad. my wife thinks this behaviour is strange.
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