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Degenerative Disc Disease

I have been diagnosed with the above...only recommendation was to have anti inflammatory injections or to take tylenol arthritis...I realize I cannot reverse the damage already done...and that this is as a result of the pads cushioning the vertebrates in my back...these pads have a cushion and when the water contained in these cushions start to decrease then this illness sets in...my question...Is there anyway to replace this lost water?...why is the water being lost in the first place?...I need some answers from the readers and support team...I do not want to take the inflammatory injections or the tylenol if there is an alternative....I have much discomfort off and on...the other day I did some leaf raking and now am paying for it....
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I've had cervical disc generation disease c3-c7 for nearly 5 years. I get facet injections about 3 times per year and take Soma and Vicotin as needed. My primary care doctor is always pushing me towards surgery, but I prefer the injections from my pain management doctor. There is no procedure to replace any liquids in the discs, but there are some replacement discs some folks have tried with from what I understand very limited success. Reading the postings over the years in this forum has scared me from any idea of surgery as long as the injections keep working as well as they do. I used to take Tylenol, but you need to be very careful with how much of it you take. Since I use Vicotin, which also has  acetaminophen in it, I don't take Tylenol at the same time. Most days I have some discomfort and pain, but it is not nearly as bad as it was before I started getting the facet injections. Cervical epidurals only lasted a couple of weeks for me, but some folks have better results. Good luck.
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Hi:  I have had degenerative disc disease since the late 80's, and  I have had incidents where the discs just move out of place and I get excruciating pain where I cannot walk, sit, or lay down.  If I use a rib brace for a week or so, and sleep with it on.  It stops the spasms, and then I might be okay for awhile.  Right now they think my clavicle bone in my neck is dislocated.  Thought it was Arthritis pain, but then had a bone popping out right in front of the neck.  They sent me for cervical spine x-rays and the clavicle/collarbone x-rays yesterday.  Still waiting for results, and in terrible pain. Its a terrible disease to cope with, but I do not want to hear about surgery or Chiropractors.  I have seen nightmares with both with friends and family.  I just suffer through it.  Wish you and Evadee well.
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I was diagnosed 20yrs ago with 2 herniated/degenerative disc';s they found that I am allergic to many of the Narcotics used for pain so I just dealt with it after a Dr. thought he would use me as an experiment with anti-depression drugs and well that went badly.  Last year I was told that now I have 4 vs the two disc's, and they told me that I now have "spinal arthritis" and arthritis in both knees, my question to you is what meds have you taken that work aside from Tylenol and Motrin 800 as my method of dealing with the daily pain is no longer working and some days I just cry because of the pain.
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Disc degeneration is a normal part of the aging process. My advice is to refrain from sitting too long without breaks, maintain proper posture, use proper body mechanics when lifting, drink lots of water to help keep discs as hydrated as possible, and to walk as much as u can to get good blood supply and oxygen to ur back:)
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Oh and if u are a smoker....STOP!!
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I have SEVERE DDD {Degenerative Disc Disease} that I've had for almost 25 years. The DDD affects my ENTIRE back from neck to tailbone!! I HAD a ruptured disc removed 25 years ago and THAT accelerated my DDD.  I am on 87 mcg Fentanyl Patch every 48 hours and Percocet 10/325 every 8 hours. I ALSO take Baclofen10 mg every 6 hours as well as Gabapentin 3 times a day.  These have helped me tremendously.  The thing that has helped me the most is the RFA  {Radio Frequency Ablation} I had a year ago NEXT month.  The RFA has COMPLETELY stopped the pain in the Lumbar region of my back for almost a year and MAY last for up to 18 months to 24 months!!!

The medications I have is for the 2 bulging discs in my neck AND the 3 bulging discs {one of them EXTREME in the middle of my back.  I'm getting ready to have ESI shots tomorrow in my neck to try and take the pain away there.  Then 2 weeks from now I will have them in the middle of my back.  I'm PRAYING that these will do the trick as I KNOW what happens when you have surgery and I DON'T want to accelerate the DDD anymore than it ALREADY is.  The Surgery WILL weaken your back BOTH above and below the surgical area.  My Doctor has ALREADY warned me what will happen BUT I ALREADY knew what will happen because of the ruptured disc surgery back in '88.  

What is the diagnosis of your DDD.  Is it mild, moderate OR severe.  I can tell you that in ALL the years my PM {Pain Management} Doctor has been practicing, I'm the ONLY the 3rd case he's EVER had that came to him with SEVERE DDD.  Therefore, chances are that yours ISN'T to that degree yet. :)   What does it say on your x-ray report OR your MRI report about your DDD. That's where you will find the diagnosis. :)  

Keep in mind that not EVERYONE is a candidate for the RFA.  Ask your Doctor if YOU are a candidate for this.  What they do is to burn the nerves that are causing the pain. After about 6 weeks the nerves die and the pain IS GONE!!!  Eventually, the nerves WILL regenerate and the pain WILL return BUT as I said it CAN last anywhere from 12 to 18 months ans in VERY RARE cases it can last 24 months!!

So PLEASE check with your Doctor and SEE if you are a candidate for this!

I wish you the VERY BEST and I hope that you will keep us updated on how you are doing!!

I'll be looking for your update................Sherry  :)

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I had turned 38 at the time and now im42 and found myself oneday no able to completely sit down. I was not able to get my body to completely sit. I was having back pain as well and ended seeing a doctor. He ran xrays to find i had severe dengenerative disc disease and severe arthritis in the l-5 s-1 region lowere lumbar. it was until moving and after having my mri, i saw an allergy specialist and due to snoring like a freight train he decided to run xrays of my nasal cavity and my cervical spine. by accident they discovered degenerative disc disease there as well. after all that i broke down. it was far more than i could handle. my surgeon says my back should heal itself and family doctor says i will get more and more pain as time goes on. for the last 2 yrs. my back has been better. i do have a squashed disk and it is just touching my nerve. it totally eroded the protective layer to my nerve and find im ok. anyone know whether or not it does get worse or get better ro does it depend on the individual. i can no longer lift over 20lbs ever. i do periodically with help but should not. does anyone know with having the ddd in two opoosite extremes, does that mena the spine between the two points could go. i hope theres a surgeon on here and if so please let me know if you are. i should ask mine but no need to see him at this point.
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