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Blood work before surgery

I'm 46 years old and has not had a check-up in the  last  year. Now I require surgery for  gallstones and the surgeon's office just told me that no pre-operative blood work is necessary.  That doesn't seem right to me.  Is a general blood work-up a good idea before this kind of surgery? I'm really concern,  what should I do?
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You can always ask them to take a blood sample and that you are worried and would like to have it done before the surgery. I would get a complete blood count, blood chemistries,and  liver profile.If there is no history of bleeding then that should show a good general look at your health without a physical exam. Can't you see a family practise doctor before the surgery for your own peace of mind? It may not be necessary for the surgery but if you would like a check up and can get to the doctor then see if you can get in.
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Just tell them you'd feel more comfortable getting the blood work done beforehand. I'm sure they wouldn't mind, and I agree. It's a very good idea. I was supposed to get my tonsils out in July, and went I went in and got my blood work done the day before the surgery. My hemoglobin was extremely low. They refused to do the surgery and sent me to a hematologist. I ended up getting a blood transfusion. But, no worries. I'm sure you'll be ok. I was bleeding very heavily for three months straight, and my family doctor wouldn't do anything about it. Getting a CBC (blood count and all that) before any surgery is always wise.
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You need to have blood check up before going surgery.
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From a surgical standpoint, a set of liver function tests is typical prior to gallbladder surgery unless the surgeon routinely does a cholangiogram with the cholecystectomy. The majority of routine pre op bloodwork is per anesthesia protocol and dependent on your age, specific medical conditions, and magnitude of the planned procedure.
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I wish healthy life ahead for you. You should take precaution about everything which you think is necessary but as per as Gall Bladder operation is concern, it is not a big surgery just a small one, One my relative had it and that was very smooth. Nothing much to worry about.
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I would cancel the procedurre get another surgeon if it turn out to have been his advice.. I suspect whoever you spoke with was talking out of their pay grade. In any event, bloodwork is necessary for the anesthesiologist, and not the surgeon.
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One of the reasons that blood work is mandatory is to use a test, such as the ptt, to determine the clotting rate of the blood. This is absolutely necessary to know in the event blood vessels must be ligatated.  The fact you had a clotting rate test last years is not relevant. Many factors can influence this rate. The current hematocrit is necessary for the anesthesiologist. In fairness, they may have intended to perform these tests the day before the procedure.
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