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Undiagnosed Chronic URQ Pain, Sphincter of Oddi Disfunction

In  7/2011, I had pressure in my chest. I was sent to a cardiologist. I had a normal stress test, nuclear imaging test, and echocardiogram. In August 2011, I had pain in my chest and went to the ER. My EKG was normal and I was admitted for more testing. I had an MRCP, nuclear imaging studies, another echocardiogram, and a heart catheterization. I had sludge in my gallbladder but the other tests came back fine. The very next week, I had my gallbladder removed.

After I had my gallbladder out, I still had pain. I got spikes of pain that sent me back to the ER repeatedly.  In late 2011, I was sent to a GI doctor who did a colonoscopy. It was normal. In early 2012, I had some labs come back abnormal, so I went to the Biliary Clinic at Duke. They did an ERCP in April 2012.  After my ERCP, my pain was constant.  I still had recurrent flareups that sent me to the ER.  The doctors at the ER got tired of seeing me and told me to go to a pain clinic and stop coming to the ER.

I went to the Pain Clinic at Duke in 9/2012 who checked for pinched nerves; I didn’t have any. I was given a TENS unit and put on Tramadol. It only sort of helped. I still had pain every minute of every day.  I still had to go to the ER, but I went less frequently because I knew they didn't want me there.  

On 3/15/13, my pain changed, so I went back to the Biliary Clinic at Duke.  I was sent to have a trigger point injection.  It didn’t last so I had another MRCP at Duke and was told again that it’s normal.

I’m in serious pain 24/7 and I’ll do almost anything at this point.  I know that my body runs at a different level of normal than other people.  Normal levels for others are high levels for me.  I know my body better than anyone else and I need someone who’ll listen.

I know there’s something wrong because I can feel it.  This pain is ruining my life and I need help.  I need answers.  Please help me.
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I read your post on here and would like to make a suggestion. In 1986 I was taking pain medication and seeing drs at all local hospitals due to LRQ Pain. After all of my tests would come back negative but I would still be in extreme pain then would try the TENS, accupuncture, nerve block injections, various surgeries and so many other tests as well. Finally after a complete hysterectomy and a Nissen Fundopolcation and years of extreme pain I was diagnosised with a Short Circuited Nerve in my abdominal area and I have to be on high dose of pain meds daily for me to function a semi-daily life. There are days even with them that make it hard for me to function but I still try. I would ask your Pain Doctor or actually a Gastroenterologist about this because he is who diagnosised mine.I wish you well. Keep me posted.
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Has anyone tested you for Fibromyalgia? My mom went to a neurologist and he tested her for it. She has it and she is in extreme pain and has feelings like pins and needles in her arms and legs. As for the pressure in the chest she was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and diverticulitis. All treatable with meds.
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