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weight loss before disk at L5 S1 is replaced with artifical disc.

What is the best why to loss 10% of my body weight ?  which is 207# & my height is 5'7".
I can't exercise because of hip injury and back.
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I was at 201 and only 5' tall. I now weigh 122 lbs. I have a ruptured disk at L5 S1. It is actually so simple. Portion control. I started eating off a much smaller plate, I never go back for seconds, and NEVER eat after dark.. It took almost 2 yrs to lose all that weight, but I still keep losing. I ate everything I always ate, just not as much. I was hungry about the first 2 weeks. When you finish eating and you are still hungry, just wait about 20 minutes and it will hit bottom and your full, or drink a glass of water. Eat your 3 meals a day, no snacking, but if you must, carrots, or celery. Did you know you burn more calories eating celery than it contains, just chewing it. Good luck. Portion control. I did not say I was on a diet, I tried millions of them and they don't work.. I changed my eating habits.
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I am 6'1" and I gained over 60 pounds last year after medical issues, multiple surgeries and a lot of hormone drugs.I went up to 224 and I have managed to go from 224 down to 187 for a loss of 37 pounds due to eating smaller proportions and doing hydrotherapy 2-3 times a week as like you I am unable to exercise due to chronic pain, I had 7 surgeries last year. I still have weight to lose I want to get to 145-150  as it is good weight for my height as 163 is considered the idea weight.  I'll be happy between those numbers.

Is hydrotherapy an option for you? A few girls that do the group session I go to have back problems and it helps them.   Good luck!
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for your height general weight should be 65 kilo grams approximately. But your current weight is more than double, You need to concentrate more on morning walking and that is not just slowly but a kind of running slowly till you start getting heavy sweat. At morning take some lime water also,
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