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HOSPICE patient dropped, abruptly...and in END stages of PH?

Hello. Can u explain how "Hospice" work's and does it sometimes' work in different ways'  as to the "rules?"

I know a child that has been on Hospice for many years. She was told she was terminal at ate 3 YRS. The doctor's said she had 4-5 yrs.to live. She almost died several times due to this or that...but survived to now the age of 18 YRS. She is in end stages PH.
She was in Hospice since 2006-2008 in one state until she moved, and then in another state while she was there 2008-2010....then moved again for the last time and entered another hospice in2010 and was dismissed a few wks ago with the director stating "she is not deteiorating"...she has and always' has been slowly dying...NOW she is in end stages and this HOSPICE let's her go, just like that...they say the Medicaid won't pay if there is NO decline. Her doctor (cardio) has not replied yet as I know of...But how can they just do this?  She at this point need's it more than ever, she is NOT on huge pain med'.s just for sever HA's...but her lungs are so she could develop any decline at any moment, and the idea for HOSPICE was NO HOSPITAL, so, in your opinion, is this right to do on their behalf?
Should they NOT have called her doctor? She never had ANY doctor examine her before they dismissed her. All they told her mother was that the nurses last few visit's show that she is not any worse off. FYI: all the nurses were different ones...and who can get a good example of a sick lung and heart from "different" people over weeks'?....APlease help me help deliver information that will help us/mom know what to do and how To PROCEED.  thank you grately...
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Nothing, I thought maybe a doctor would say something, like, "I've already helped explain this." It fiqures.
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Contact another hospice in the area and get her evaluated thru the new one. Actually work for hospice in Ohio and while hospice usually requires a diagnosis of 6 months or less to live most people live past that unless they're end stage when they start utilizing their hospice benefits.but also look into the area hospices and see if any have a type of step down program where they don't necessarily need the 6 month diagnosis.

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