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Do these symptoms constitute heat stroke, or something else?

I work in a renaissance festival in Arizona.  There and at one other i had, you must be very active and loud in the sun. 3 times I've gotten close to/had what i thought was heat stoke, but after doing some reading on mayo clinic I wonder if I'm mistaken.

I feel no heat, i sweat but only slightly, and if I speak too loudly or say something to long winded my vision goes black and I collapse.

The last one happens only once (probably because I am smart enough to get out of the heat after)  and is so instant that I don't even finish collapsing before i catch myself.  

Once i get myself inside i feel just how hot i am and there's a sort of faint buzzing in the back of my skull, kind of where the vertebrae connect to the actual head. This usually lasts about an hour after and the longest laying symptom is subtle difficulty with motor skills, balance, and processing events or conversations in real time. This one has lasted for more than a day but fades no longer than a week later. This only happens in long term heat exposure, and is not frequent.

So my overall questions are

Is this heart stoke?
If not heat stroke, should i talk to a doctor?
Is there anything i can watch for as a warning that isn't me nearly passing out?
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