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Slated for an colostomy

I am to have surgery for colon/rectal cancer in a few weeks.  The surgeon is to remove 12 inches of my colon/rectum and says I should have a permanent colostomy because my bowel muscles are extremely weak.  She said i could leave a more full life since I now have to empty my bowels so frequently and wear protection when I have to leave the house.  I'm confused because I've only had this problem the last couple of months, and a lot of the problem has to do with muscus and loose bowels, which I attribute to the cancer.  I'm wanting some input on this, as this seems quite drastic.  i thought perhaps kegel exercises or biofeedback might help after I've recovered from the surgery.  I was unable to ask her these questions because I was exhausted from the testing but will see her next week.  Please give me some feedback on this if you can.  Thank you.
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