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Constant UTIs since childhood.

Hi. I'm 20 years old and have dealt with constant UTIs my entire life. Actually, I was born with one and have had them since I was an infant. From the age of about 8 until I turned 13 though, I had no UTIs. But since 13, I've had on average about 6-8 a year, and they are almost always quite severe. They have not worsened with being sexually active but are obviously triggered by it. I have tried everything to ease my symptoms and yes they have worked, but no matter how many times I've taken antibiotics for my UTIs, they seem to always come back. I'm afraid I've built up an immunity? To help cope with my pain, I do obviously drink a lot of water and cut soda and caffeine out of my diet years ago. I eat healthy and stay away from dairy and the other foods I know of that trigger my UTIs. For those of you with the same issue, coconut water works wonders in helping flush out the infection. Also, I haven't had health insurance for about 4 years and go to Planned Parenthood for my antibiotics. I am in the process of getting great coverage through my parents and need to know what I should do next. I know that I need xrays because currently, I
have a very severe UTI that has prevented me from driving or even going to school for a few days. I do have pain on both of my sides, and I feel a ton of pressure on my pelvic area. I am scared that this UTI is the most severe that I've had. My college campus has a school clinic, but they are not open until Monday. Being that today is Thursday, I could literally cry just thinking about waiting that long. But back to my symptoms: all typical UTI symptoms including urinary incontinence, blood in urine, cloudy urine; pain on both sides near kidney area but the pain is slight; pressure in the pelvic region; nausea. I would love all of the advice I can get, as the UTI ask-a-doctor forum is not accepting questions at the moment. Thank you in advance for taking the time to help me get to end my lifelong struggle.
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