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Frequent/Urgent Urination

In August 2012 I had some blood work done and was told I had a UTI which at the time I had no symptoms but my doctor put me on some antibotics for 10 days. After taking that I started feeling like I had to constantly urinate like every hour or less. I went to Urgent Care they got a urine sample. They assumed I had another UTI so they ended up giving me the same antibotics my last doctor did but it was only for 3 days instead of 10. At the time I was at Urgent Care I couldn't remember what the antibotics was called I took for 10 days. After taking a second dose of the same antibotics I went back to Urgent Care and told them what happen because I was still having problems. They did another Urine Sample because they lost the first one and did a vaginal examination and prescribed me some stronger Azo to help my frequent urination. They told me my urine test was good. Its been over a year and to this day I still randomly get to where I suddenly feel like I have to urinate. When that happens I have to go like every 10 to 30 minutes and it lasts a few hours. Its very annoying and kind of hurts because it feels like I have to urgently pee. It usually occurs if I drink a bottle of water within an hour or orange juice sometimes seems to affect my bladder. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be? Thanks in advance for the suggestions.
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This is a Urogynecology forum which is for ladies with prolapse.  I suggest you post on the Urology forum.

You could ask your General Dr to send you to a Urologist also.  
I have Follicular Cystitis and Interstitial Cysititis is something that seems to be another possible issue for me in addition to my prolapses.
I have hear also about a condition called Urethral Diverticuli where a small bulge in the urethra can keep urine in it that can become infected and irritate the urethra.

Have you had a cystoscopy?
I will ask for your message to be moved to a more appropriate group for you.  Hopefully you will get more answers that way.
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This is the Urinary Tract Infection Community but I did post this on the Urology forum as well. Im thinking about trying to get reffered to a Urologist but it dont happen all the time so Im not sure what it is that causes it. I havent had a Cystoscopy I have just had the tests I mentioned which is urine tests and blood work but nothing showed up.
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