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Pain when Urinate

Im a 22 year old healthy female and have had an ongoing problem with urination for around 12 months.
Every now and then after I urinate I get a burning sensation and it feels like something is stopping the rest of my wee from coming out. It feels like I have to push my wee out. This will continue for around 20-30 mins and me constantly being on the toilet trying to finish off my wee. When the rest of my wee finally does come out its tiny drops.
its really painful and is disrupting my day to day life when it happens.
This isn't all the time and I get it about once - twice a week.
Ive taken over the counter medicine for cystitis which hasn't helped.
Ive been tested numerous times for a water infection, samples of urine have been sent off to the lab for tests and no infection at all.
I have had a full STD test and its all clear.
I am due to see an urologist in 2 weeks, but  I was wondering if someone could maybe give me some advise on with this could be,
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You should look into overactive bladder syndrome. It causes the same symptoms as your described. But could also be stones, your urologist will set your mind at ease and figure it out. Good luck with your appointment.
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