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Bladder is partially outside the sling

A number of years ago, I'm 67 now, I had a hysterectomy, hernia, ooferectomy, fundoplication and bladder sling surgery done at the same time by three different surgeons.  All the other surgeries went fine, but I have had worse incontinence since the bladder sling due to bladder spazyms.  After thorough testing, a camera into my bladder revealed my bladder, in part, was trapped outside the sling and won't fill up with urine.  I am damp all the time and sometimes lose all control and let loose the entire contents of my bladder.  This happens most often when I stand from a sitting position.  I wake up 4-5 times a night to urinate, so my sleep is badly disrupted.  I fall asleep sitting in a chair during the day and I must take a nap in the afternoon.  My urogynecologist wanted to implant a sensor to regulate my bladder, but I said no to the implant.  As far as I'm concerned, an implant is just another BIG problem.  Can't a surgeon fix it so my bladder is all in the sling and give me more volume.  Apparently this would stop the spazyms, too.
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I would certainly ask this of my dr. why can't you just fix the sling or put in a new sling and then perhaps physical therapy to stop the spasms...I know what you are talking about with the implant as I am having one placed next month for spasms but I do not have a sling that is not in the proper place...If it were me...I would seek a second and third opinion as I agree with you the sling needs to be corrected. It would most likely fix the leakage issues and might help the spasms...but if it were me the sling would be the first thing I would want taken care of as I don't understand why they would just put in the interstim and not address the issue they know is happening....this does not make sense to me so I would definitely be asking ALOT more questions and seeking more then one opinion! Please do let us know how things progress and wishing you much luck!
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one other thing I forgot to mention...have you tried a pessary to put the bladder back where it belongs? this would help to confirm if the sling were corrected and the bladder put back in it's proper place if that would indeed stop the spasms and leaking at least somewhat...so that would be worth investigation.
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I totally agree with ipurr2.  In fact, if it was your Urogyne who fitted your bladder sling I would respectfully ask your Urogyne how come your sling has not been placed so your bladder sits correctly with all of your bladder within it.  It sounds from your description a though part of your bladder is squashed and I wonder if your are harbouring any urine within it which could also promote the possibility of UTIs.  
Do you know which of the the 3 surgeons did your bladder sling as I note you have 3 surgeons at the same time operate on you?  
It is surely better as ipurr2 suggests to try to remedy your bladder sling if possible before considering and E Stim.  I hope very much you get your questions answered.
In addition to this I would highly recommend you get your operations notes as well.  These can normally be obtained from the hospital where you had your op or from your surgeon ( or both as an option ).

First get your facts and information and questions answered and then consider getting a second opinion or more to make sure you are happy with your decision and understand your options fully.

Good luck and let us know how you get on
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