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Can fibroids cause urinary incontinence?

I have MS, however I am not positive this is cause of my problem.  I have very large fibroids and an enlarged uterus.  Is it possible this is causing the incontinence?   What happens is usually after sitting I stand up and I have an urge to go, it's so hard to hold it and then usually it runs out. I decided to call my gyn.  What tests do they run and hoiw can they determine the real cause?
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The beset treatment is Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles of urination, but you may also need surgery for the fibroids.  
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Urinary incontinence is normally investigated by tests and examinations such as Urodynamics testing and internal exams to see if you have prolapse.  
You may have more than one condition going on at the same time.  I havent heard of fibroids causing incontinence but from personal experience I have had discomfort on my bladder from my uterus and fibroids but I also have bladder problems and several types of prolapse.  

You will need tests but it is important to be sure of the cause of your present symptoms in order for your Dr to offer you the best solution.

I hope this helps.  Let us know how you get on.
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Can't a gyn tell if you have prolapse just by am exam?
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Pelvic organ prolapse can be diagnosed by exam, sometimes.  Degrees of prolapse can change daily or even by time of day.  Many women have suffered with discomfort and symptoms from bladder and rectum prolapse including other pelvic prolapses and were told they either had no prolapse or very little on exam. Urologist should be able to advise you about your incontinence with various testing like uklady mentioned.  If prolapse is an issue then you should see a urogynecologist especially if you are considering surgery
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