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OT... did you have your wedding catered?

So i was pricing caters and i found one for 2500... which is a little steep.. there willbe 80 people at my wedding and reception.. so i was wondering if it would be cheaper for me to buy the meats ( pork tenderloin & roast beef) and just do it ourselves... ( extended family included)  now that 2500 includes all the linens.. plates.. silverware..stemware.. and they set everything up...  what do you guys think?
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you will probably end up spending a lot doing it yourself, and you won't have to do all the work-  cooking for 80 people is not an easy task...  my husband and I own a catering business....  I would go with the caterers, if you can afford it...  it will be a lot less work for you!  
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I second what tator says, if you can afford it. Our wedding is in two weeks and I am so glad that we don't have to worry about ANY of that! They will do all of the decorating and clean up and food. We just enjoy our day and dance ;)
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2500 sounds like a really good deal, I do weddings all the time at work and that is about what the food and linen bill comes to for a party that sized. Our parties are done at the restaurant so obviously silver, chairs and everything is included, we don't charge for the space.
Plus, like tator said, that would be a lot of work for you and you are going to want to enjoy your day not be worried about filling chaffing dishes and what not.
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I thought that sounded kinda pricey but Im a cheep a s s. I was looking into it for my summer wedding and i got about the same price for 120 guests. I really dont know which would be cheaper. I know Ihave been thinking about doing it at a country club where its all included (dinner, music, drinks, facilities etc.) It turnes out to be around the same price (where I was looking anyways) And this way I can enjoy my Night and not have to worry aboutt he food, decorations and clean up.
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Maybe you can look around some more and find different providers, if it's not too difficult. For my wedding, the bridal shop also rented out silverware, linens and tables and chairs. They also had waiters so I hired them to serve the food and drinks for $50 each and I paid $400 for the food to be made for about 150 people and they delivered, of course and the waiters did the rest. You just gotta look around, but if you can afford the caterer, it's less stress for you! Good luck!
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