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baby's 1st birthday

hi everyone! edward will be turning 1 on jan. 10th and with the holidays and all, i've decided to have a party for him at the end of january. i'm just not sure what type of party i'll be having and wanted to get some ideas. what are some things you all did for your little one's first birthdays???
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i had a really big 1st b party for a 3 of my kids, lots of family. and alot of number 1s.
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My baby was one in the beginning of Dec, we had a party at a rec center and about 25 ppl came, of course i had invited more but being around the holidays alot of ppl had previous plans. Anyway we just had a theme(lil mermaid) and had snacks and cake and of course presents. I bought a bunch of birthday balloons and threw them all over the floor for the lil ones to play with. Planning it takes forever and then it goes by so fast!!! What does he like? Elmo or diego or something?
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I was in the hospital for my sons 1st birthday because I was giving birth to his little sister :).  That was on his birthday.  After his birthday though, we just had a few family members over and had a spiderman cake.  It was simple, only because I had just had a baby.

If I wouldnt have had my daughter on his birthday, I would have invited more people and it probably would have been pretty fun, with all kinds of spiderman stuff.  What does your son like?  

Good luck, and I hope you have a wonderful birthday party for him.  He isnt going to remember it when he gets older, so if you dont go extreme, he wont hold it against you.  :)
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thanks everyone! well, my husband and i both have pretty big immediate families and family alone ia bout 40 people. add close friends and we're at 50. so, im thinking ill have to find a place to rent, like a hall or vfw. i'm not sure if ill do food, such as a whole catered buffet ($$) or just appetizers and a cake. my family always goes all out for any occasion, with lots of food, so i dont want to break the trend. but i also dont want to break our bank acct. either. haha. edward is not really into any specific characters, as he wont sit still long enough to watch tv and only plays with trucks, so i think ill try and do a truck/transportation theme. either that or sports. because he is ALL boy.  
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